Nourishing Millions has developed a set of PowerPoint slides that provides key messages from the book. Download the full 100-slide set or download the smaller slide sets that correspond to each chapter below.

Nourishing Millions: Stories of change in nutrition [Download]

Entire Nourishing Millions slide collection

Chapter 1 How nutrition improves: Half a century of understanding and responding to the problem of malnutrition [Download]
Chapter 2 On the front line: Community nutrition programming [Download]
Chapter 3 Off to the best start: The importance of infant and young child feeding [Download]
Chapter 4 Hidden hunger: Approaches to tackling micronutrient deficiencies [Download]
Chapter 5 Addressing a neglected problem: Community-based management of acute malnutrition [Download]
Chapter 6 From the ground up: Cultivating agriculture for nutrition [Download]
Chapter 7 Reducing risk, strengthening resilience: Social protection and nutrition [Download]
Chapter 8 Clean is nourished: The links between WASH and nutrition [Download]
Chapter 9 Malnutrition's new frontier: The challenge of obesity [Download]
Chapter 10 Local to national: Thailand’s Integrated Nutrition Program [Download]
Chapter 11 Nutrition and equality: Brazil’s success in reducing stunting among the poorest [Download]
Chapter 12 Getting to specifics: Bangladesh’s evolving nutrition policies [Download]
Chapter 13 Reaching new heights: 20 years of nutrition progress in Nepal [Download]
Chapter 14 Commitments and accountability: Peru’s unique nutrition journey [Download]
Chapter 15 On the fast track: Driving down stunting in Vietnam [Download]
Chapter 16 Agriculture, WASH, and safety nets: Ethiopia’s multisector story [Download]
Chapter 17 25 Years of Scaling Up: Nutrition and health interventions in Odisha, India [Download]
Chapter 18 Championing nutrition: Effective leadership for action [Download]
Chapter 19 New horizons: Nutrition in the 21st century [Download]

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