South-South Learning Event to Accelerate Nutrition Progress

On June 20-21, IFPRI and Mahidol University co-hosted a learning event in Bangkok to share with a broad range of partners from Africa and Asia Thailand's remarkable progress in nearly eliminating hunger and undernutrition. The event was developed in partnership with Compact2025 and the Food Security Portal project, and with support of Nourishing Millions and the Asia Roundtable >> Read more

Stories of Change Featured in Special Issue of Global Food Security

Transform Nutrition’s Stories of Change—a collection of intriguing case studies of how several developing countries made a huge impact in nutrition by undertaking nutrition and nutrition-friendly interventions and policies—have been brought together in a special issue of Global Food Security this month. The issue comprises ten papers: the six national case studies, along with other papers on quantitative >> Read more

Paper by NM authors examines progress in Nepal

A recently released paper by Nourishing Millions author Kenda Cunningham and colleagues examines what has driven progress in maternal and child nutrition in Nepal during the past two decades. As also underlined in their Nourishing Millions chapter, Nepal’s impressive successes in nutrition, most notably in reducing child stunting, can be attributed to such factors as improved >> Read more

Transforming National Policy and Programming

How have countries made national-level progress in nutrition? What kinds of interventions have worked or not worked to address the immediate and underlying drivers of malnutrition at the country level, as well as the enabling environment for nutrition? The chapters below from Nourishing Millions address these and other questions about country experiences with transforming national >> Read more

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