Stories of change in nutrition

The following post by Samantha Reddin, Communications Manager for Transform Nutrition, was originally published on the Institute of Development Studies website.   This week sees the launch of the book Nourishing Millions: Stories of Change in Nutrition which brings together the most intriguing stories about improving nutrition from the past five decades. These stories provide insight into what works in >> Read more

Nourishing Millions Book Released

Nourishing Millions: Stories of Change in Nutrition is now available! The book explores what works in nutrition, what does not, and the factors that contribute to success. Chapters highlight programs and interventions addressing immediate and underlying drivers of malnutrition as well as country experiences with nutrition improvement and the role of nutrition leaders. An eight-page >> Read more

New Resources: PowerPoint Slide Set and Classroom Discussion Questions

Nourishing Millions has developed a set of PowerPoint slides and classroom discussion questions to accompany the book. The PowerPoint provides key messages from each chapter and can be downloaded as a 100-slide set or as smaller slide sets that correspond to each chapter. The classroom discussion questions are an excellent tool for educators looking to >> Read more

Resources for communicators now available: Social media toolkit and press release

Two key communicator resources are now available in the lead up to the US launch of Nourishing Millions on June 29. The social media toolkit provides key messages from the book, links to resources, draft tweets, and posts for other social media platforms including Facebook and LinkedIn. A press release is also available for distribution. >> Read more

Understanding Malnutrition and Leading the Way Forward

How have our understanding of and responses to malnutrition changed over the past 50 years? How does leadership in nutrition emerge and drive change? What can we learn from nutrition stories over the last half-century and how can that inform nutrition challenges to come? The chapters below from Nourishing Millions address these and other questions >> Read more

Addressing the Underlying Determinants of Malnutrition

Can transformations in agriculture have positive impacts for nutrition? How can social protection programs effectively incorporate nutrition? Through what pathways can water, sanitation, and hygiene interventions affect nutrition outcomes? What challenges are on the horizon with rising rates of overweight and obesity? The chapters below from Nourishing Millions address these and other questions about how >> Read more

Addressing the Immediate Causes of Malnutrition

What role can community action play in driving nutrition change? How have programs to address the immediate determinants of malnutrition improved infant and young child feeding, addressed micronutrient deficiencies, and helped to manage acute malnutrition? The chapters below from Nourishing Millions address these and other questions about nutrition-specific programs and interventions: Transforming Nutrition Interventions Chapter >> Read more

Transforming National Policy and Programming

How have countries made national-level progress in nutrition? What kinds of interventions have worked or not worked to address the immediate and underlying drivers of malnutrition at the country level, as well as the enabling environment for nutrition? The chapters below from Nourishing Millions address these and other questions about country experiences with transforming national >> Read more

Infographic Now Available

Discover Seven Secrets for Success in Nutrition in a newly released infographic drawn from the Nourishing Millions book. Share widely with your networks, and stay tuned for the US book launch and livestream on Wednesday, June 29!

Tackling New Frontiers in Malnutrition: Overweight and Obesity

Guest blog by Judith Hodge, independent consultant on global food and nutrition security, based in the UK, and one of the editors of the Nourishing Millions book. Why there’s a chapter on obesity in Nourishing Millions It’s taken some time but the nutrition community is finally talking about undernutrition and overnutrition in the same breath. >> Read more

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