Nourishing Millions Podcast: Lessons Learned

The Nourishing Millions team is pleased to share a report containing the lessons learned from its recent podcast project with the University of Michigan School of Public Health. The report can be downloaded here: Nourishing Millions Podcast- Process Overview and Lessons Learned.

Can we really rid the world of hunger and malnutrition in under a decade? In 2016-2017, IFPRI partnered with the University of Michigan School of Public Health to create a podcast series on this very question. Eight graduate students undertook training in storytelling and then conducted fascinating interviews with the world’s top policymakers, researchers, and practitioners. The interviewees shared the latest groundbreaking thinking about nutrition, from challenges facing the sector, such as climate change and urbanization, to solutions that are showing huge promise in tackling malnutrition, including biofortification, giving poor women more opportunities, and scaling up the eating of insects. The podcast episodes were released in June-August 2017. Together, they tell the story of how small and large movements—and everyday people—can help us achieve a food- and nutrition-secure world.


This short report captures the yearlong experience of putting together the podcast series. It provides a timeline of activities, the project’s end results in terms of listenership, and lessons learned, in the hopes that others will be inspired to carry out similar communication projects about food security, nutrition and health, and poverty reduction.

Download the report here: Nourishing Millions Podcast- Process Overview and Lessons Learned.

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