Compact2025 curates resources, highlights lessons for accelerating nutrition improvement


Compact2025’s Knowledge and Innovation Hub features a collection of curated knowledge products—including key publications, multi-media presentations, toolkits, and more—on how to accelerate progress towards ending hunger and undernutrition. Updated regularly, these resources highlight lessons learned for improving nutrition and feature innovative thinking on how to address the challenges of hunger and undernutrition. For example, a recent collection of papers in the Food and Nutrition Bulletin highlights lessons from the implementation of multisectoral national nutrition action plans in Ethiopia, Nepal, and Uganda. These studies emphasize the importance of effective governance for multisectoral nutrition programs, including dedicated line items in budgets and the critical role of high-level nutrition champions in government, key messages that also emerged from the stories in Nourishing Millions. An infographic on 5 Ways to Improve Nutrition through Agriculture recommends many of the same approaches highlighted in Nourishing Millions such as investing in nutritious food value chains and recognizing the central role of women in agriculture and nutrition.

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