Nourishing Millions at 43rd session of Committee on World Food Security

Kcfs-side-eventey lessons from Nourishing Millions were presented at a side event co-organized by IFPRI and its partners at the 43rd session of the Committee on World Food Security on October 18 in Rome. The side event, entitled “Transforming food systems for healthier diets: What will it take to achieve major acceleration in delivering healthy diets in the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition?”, featured a discussion on key transformations in the food system that could positively impact human health, mainly involving multisectoral collaboration among agriculture, ecology, nutrition, and health. Specific actions included scaling up biofortification, investing in sanitation, and aligning actions across food supply sub-systems to create healthier food environments. Panelists included James Garrett (Bioversity International) who presented on Nourishing Millions; Sandy Thomas (Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition); Corinna Hawkes (City University of London); Fabrice DeClerk (Bioversity International); Paul Ilona (HarvestPlus Nigeria), and Anna Lartey (FAO).

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