Addressing the Underlying Determinants of Malnutrition

sectoral-action240X165Can transformations in agriculture have positive impacts for nutrition? How can social protection programs effectively incorporate nutrition? Through what pathways can water, sanitation, and hygiene interventions affect nutrition outcomes? What challenges are on the horizon with rising rates of overweight and obesity? The chapters below from Nourishing Millions address these and other questions about how transformation in other sectors has impacted the underlying causes of malnutrition:

Transforming Sectoral Actions

Chapter 6 From the ground up: Cultivating agriculture for nutrition [Download]
Chapter 7 Reducing risk, strengthening resilience: Social protection and nutrition [Download]
Chapter 8 Clean is nourished: The links between WASH and nutrition [Download]
Chapter 9 Malnutrition's new frontier: The challenge of obesity [Download]

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